We are hiring energetic individuals! This position would be responsible for food prep on our sandwich line including food prep such as chopping vegetables, and roasting meats and vegetables. This position requires organization, looking forward to seeing what is needed for the next day, and food safety awareness and cleanliness. This position is supported by the entire kitchen staff and vice versa, with everyone working together to meet our goals.

Performance Expectations - Essential Functions:

  • Daily food prep
  • Assist on the line, making sandwiches and expediting
  • Anticipating stock levels on the sandwich/food line
  • Rotate food products to ensure freshness and no waste.
  • Keeping supplies full and ordered.
  • Being a part of the kitchen team and helping when needed.
  • Checking in and putting away food and supply orders
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance that adheres to our dress code.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Basic math skills, measuring conversions.
  • Being able to multitask and handle a fast pace work environment.
  • Ability to implement written and verbal instructions.
  • Organizational and Communication Skills

What does the job pay?

Starting pay is $13 -16.00 per hour, or negotiable based on experience. Gratuities distributed are in addition to the hourly wage.